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Carved Disc Pendant by Amani Summerday

Carved Disc Pendant by Amani Summerday

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Only six years into his journey behind the torch Amani Summerday has roared onto the glass scene with his incredibly sought-after deep carved borosilicate art. This particular pendant, a 2.25" diameter hollow disc with a traditional pass-through for the chain, was made in several layers of different colored glass. Once the piece was done Amani ventured into his cold working studio to put the finishing touches - deep carve, staged, sandblasting in a First Nations-esque motif that has become his signature - on this stunning work. Keep an eye open for more amazing work from this Phoenix, OR, artist!


  • Length: .5"
  • Width: 2.25"
  • Height: 2.25"
  • Weight: .05 lbs.
  • Color: black, white, orange, yellow
  • Carved pendant
  • Accent marks may vary
  • Dimensions may vary
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