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Monkey Monster by Salt

Monkey Monster by Salt

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Circa 2012 we were able to snag some of Salt's new Gill perc rigs. This guy was one of them. Salt, known for his monster's abstract creatures, absolutely crushes this crazy red Elvis, a 6-armed monkey alien. The piece features a 14mm male joint with an accompanied worked dome, and a signature of authenticity on the back.


  • Length: 5.75"
  • Width: 5.5"
  • Height: 11"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Distance from base to joint: 8.25"
  • Joint: 14mm male
  • Dome Style: 14mm female monkey head dome
  • Downstem: fixed stemless
  • Percolator 1: gill
  • Color: red Elvis, slyme, white
  • 6 arms
  • Salt signature on the back of a piece
  • Accent marks may vary
  • Dimensions may vary
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